An exciting time to be a gamer

An exciting time to be a gamer

December 2, 2016

There is something about taking on the persona of an in-game character, forgetting reality and for that period of game time becoming that other person, that hero or even the villain.

Gaming is now part and parcel of my life; it’s something that I’ve grown up with and has now even become my job. But what exactly is the appeal?

I think I touched the surface above; it’s about being able to do something that you couldn’t do in real life. Whether it’s to drive a hypercar around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit or to become a Nord warrior in a long forgotten world, you can step away from reality, forget the stresses and strains of everyday life and just exist somewhere else.

With games becoming more and more ‘accepted’ as our generation takes over, the industry is set to boom. We’re already looking towards the future and moving at an exemplary rate with augmented and virtual reality, so what is coming next? Experts are already looking at fully immersive experiences, and what started with the Nintendo Wii nunchucks is now heading towards movable platforms and even gloves to place you firmly inside your gaming environment.

Game modding (the area that I am in) is taking off right now. More and more everyday ‘users’ are becoming bedroom experts at coding, modelling, textures and level design. They are finding areas of a game where they see improvements can be made and taking it upon themselves to do it. This is adding content to a game that may have already reached its peak, once again making it popular, and aiding in its longevity. Games that were forgotten yesterday, may gain a new lease of life today and this reanimation is exciting and nostalgic. I love the fact I can replay a game with updated textures and mechanics just because someone else (more skilled than I) has gone in and revamped it.

I predict that soon gaming will no longer be done via media such as discs or cartridges, but to be totally online. OnLive attempted it with a cloud gaming platform, but although a great idea, I think they jumped the gun and revealed their product a tad before the infrastructure could keep up. It needs to be totally lag free and unfortunately it just wasn’t!

We are in an exciting transition period at the moment, as we move away from the 8 year console release window and to more steady and regular hardware updates. Next transition… Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.

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